Why AMA Exists

AMA is a fund designated to help provide the daily needs of food, housing, and medicine for aged Assemblies of God ministers and their spouses who are living on substandard incomes.

Decades ago they labored as foreign missionaries, pioneer pastors, and traveling evangelists. They gave their time, energy, and resources, sacrificing freely for the work of God. Often they had no funds to lay aside for their retirement years. Because they had so little income during their ministry, their Social Security check is small.

Now retired, many of these ministers are forced to live without adequate means to provide even the barest necessities. Only with financial help from Aged Ministers Assistance can they partake of life’s necessities in their sunset years.

Consider the great contribution these pioneers of the faith have made to the Assemblies of God, and to you personally. AMA is a tangible way to let them know that they are remembered and appreciated.

Download the Aged Ministers Assistance Promotional Video to use in your church or event. (Right-click or Command-click to download and save the video to your computer.)