For those who qualify, there are 2 types of help from Aged Ministers Assistance:

Monthly Assistance
Medical Assistance


Who Qualifies for Monthly Assistance?

  1. Income – Total monthly income less than $1,634 (couple) or $1081 (single). AMA provides the difference between current income and the AMA monthly maximum.
  2. Retired licensed or ordained Assemblies of God ministers with a minimum of 10 years of active ministry prior to his or her normal retirement age as determined by the Social Security Administration.
  3. Widows, minimum age 60 whose spouses met the above requirements.
  4. Disability – Totally disabled ministers under age 65.

How to Apply for Aged Ministers Assistance

  1. Fill out an application, sign and date it.
  2. Include a copy of the current year’s Social Security Benefit Statement (SSBS). If you are married, send copies of your SSBS as well as the SSBS of your spouse.
  3. Send application and copies of the SSBS by mail to 1445 N Boonville Ave, Springfield, MO 65802 Attention AMA, or fax (417-831-0207), or by email ( to the AMA office.
  4. The application will be evaluated by the AMA personnel. If it is complete and it appears that the applicant will be eligible it will be sent to the minister’s district for endorsement.
  5. The endorsed application will be presented at the next AMA Committee meeting.
  6. If approved, the applicant will start to receive a monthly amount by direct deposit, which will be set up after the first check is mailed.
  7. Download the AMA Application Form (PDF)


Who Qualifies for Medical Assistance?

  1. Additional assistance is available to our AMA monthly recipients if the minister or widow is confronted with insurmountable medical bills or other unusual expenses not covered by Medicare and/or supplemental medical insurance, he or she may apply for financial assistance toward those expenses.
  2. AMA Medical Assistance Form (PDF) – You can fill out the PDF on your computer and save or print out the completed form to sign and mail or fax. Send application and any accompanying documentation by mail to 1445 N Boonville Ave, Springfield, MO 65802 Attention AMA, or fax (417-831-0207), or by email ( to the AMA office.

Guidelines for AMA Payments to Ministers who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

If you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), AMA cannot pay benefits to you directly. Assistance would be sent to a third party (church or district). The third party would pay for expenses excluding food, utilities, rent or mortgage.